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The development trend of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
China's logistics industry developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. Experts predict that in the next few years, China's logistics market will maintain its growth by an annual rate of 20%, the dosage of the new tray will exceed 20 million pieces, 'high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low cost' is the main characteristic of logistics industry in the future. This for plastic pallet manufacturing industry started late, is not only the golden opportunity of development, it is also a huge challenge. Used for a long time, China's logistics industry is give priority to with the wooden pallet, accounting for 90% of the total domestic tray. However, as the environmental pressure, the railway transport regulations to disable wooden tray, Europe, America, Japan and other countries on imported wood packaging ( Including the wooden pallet) Almost harsh fumigation and inspection and quarantine requirements, has huge impact on demand for wooden pallet. Some experts even assert that the next 5 ~ 10 years, China's wooden tray below market share would drop from 90% to 50%. Side is pull the tray surge in demand for logistics industry development, the 'main force' side is wooden tray demand toward failure, herald a Plastic collapsible crateis facing a huge business opportunities. Especially the fledgling plastic wood tray of the century, both had many advantages, such as the original plastic tray, and because its price is only two-thirds of pure plastic tray and popular, momentum very rapidly. But in certain plastic pallet industry is facing a huge business opportunities at the same time, also should see the unfavorable factors which restricts the healthy development of China's pallet industry. First is the tray for the lack of uniform standards, make China is difficult to establish a system of 'great logistics' as soon as possible. National standard of plastic tray has six dimensions, and the actual flow of tray up to more than 30 kinds of specifications, it is difficult to implement national or regional palletized transport and storage, it is difficult to match the container, forklift, lead to transport of goods, traffic large enterprises unable to achieve tray Shared, to pay a lot of money to buy the tray, which virtually increased the enterprise cost burden, but also reduces the enthusiasm, to use the tray can't afford to so many small and medium enterprises to use or simply without pallets. Followed by the plastic pallet prices, directly affects its application. Synthetic resin prices continued high in recent years, promote plastic pallet costs soared, rising prices, the plastic tray originally has price advantage. And a few small companies are competing for market, sales on the one hand, on demand, on the one hand, in the process of production of recycled material or large proportion to join packing, make a lot of fake plastic tray into the market, not only disrupted the market order plastic tray, and make the Plastic collapsible cratefacing credit crisis, the popularization and application and the future development of plastic pallet had a great negative impact. Domestic well-known plastic tray enterprise, all complained to reporters about the domestic plastic tray market disorder, and the good and evil people mixed up, have hope to improve the plastic tray the barriers to entry of the enterprise, as soon as possible a plastic tray and rigid unified technical standards, increase the investigation dynamics of counterfeit products, in order to maintain the normal order of market plastic tray. Thankfully, experts in the industry, the logistics enterprises, tray production enterprises and the joint efforts of the relevant state departments, under the support of influence China tray industry especially the adverse factors of the plastic pallet industry rapid development, and is expected to be eliminated in 2011. According to the eleventh five-year plan, by 2012, the pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing will be formulated and revised more than 300 logistics related standards, it clearly tells us one of the biggest problems restricting Chinese pallet industry rapid development - — Tray standard system will be established in the '11th five-year plan'. And once the tray standard system to establish and perfect, for the formation of the system of 'great logistics' remove technical barriers, Chinese pallet industry especially plastic pallet industry will usher in the golden age of real.
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