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The discrimination method of the old and the new plastic tray is simple

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
New material: plastic tray is not a new production of plastic tray, but do not add any recycling material, 100% new plastic particles, the product color bright, high transparency.

is the most simple way to identify the color, bright color, good gloss is new material production, and adding the reworked material Plastic collapsible cratecolor dim and dull.

new material plastic tray evenly 8 - service life 10 years, the service life of the ordinary material plastic pallet even 5 - Seven years, if there is special requirement of factory can choose ordinary material plastic tray, food hygiene requirements such as high, the new material industry recommended plastic tray. Suitable for
use for a long time.

can be recycled plastic pallet itself, you can ask the manufacturer to manufacturer with three pieces of old tray in a same new tray, recycled plastic pallet broken destroyed after cleaning processing granulation, be recycled plastic particles, the common material is plastic tray with a certain percentage of renewable
plastic particles and mixed together to produce new plastic particles, different plastic pallet manufacturers add the proportion of reworked material is different, some small manufacturer even using 100% recycled material production.
now very many different kinds of plastic tray, it is widely used in transportation industry, at the same time in the warehouse is also widely used, it is a very good transportation.
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