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The disposable trays used multiple times

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
Now in order to increase liquidity goods faster, some light using plastic tray for pallet transport of goods. At the same time because of the high cost of recycling, so the use of disposable plastic pallet as a bearing base, actually disposable plastic tray also can be used repeatedly.
disposable plastic pallet materials, less bearing capacity is low, and lower cost. After completion of the disposable Plastic collapsible crateto use, as long as the tray is complete, the absence of damage can be used again.

but because it is a transportation handling process, the plastic tray may occur within the fracture, some can't see so avoid tray pallet weight above the large and expensive goods.
if there is damaged, disposable plastic pallet don't directly discarded. Using plastic tray is cycle can be repeated use, discard directly on time is long, easy to cause environmental pollution.

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