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The distribution of domestic plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
For a long time, shandong, zhejiang and Shanghai as the leading China plastic pallet industry area, with many tray manufacturing enterprises, and occupy the most of China's market. So, why is there such a tray distribution?
first of all, Shanghai as the economic center of China, the distribution can be said to be China's domestic industry the most comprehensive, neat, so in Shanghai has a lot of Plastic collapsible crateproduction enterprise, the above haili makes card plastic pallet manufacturing co. , LTD. , Shanghai hao, deqing perry, Shanghai, Shanghai rong hisin peng on essence is, and so on numerous manufacturers. And, in the industry, as a big brand, in the Chinese market occupies a very important part of it.
second, as China plastics city, zhejiang province, of course, has its development superiority, huangyan, China's largest mold manufacturing base, the current domestic most of the manufacturers of plastic pallet mould from here, with years of experience in plastics and molds, several big plastic pallet manufacturers quickly occupied the domestic part of the market, the development from a small factory, believes that as the plastic is advantage, can play the role of more.
third, shandong as a famous plastic base, jiangbei in hebei, Beijing and northeast area plays an important leading role, at present, shandong province, the manufacturer has a young, linyi Qusheng, zibo in shandong force JiHua, trust, weihai city, etc. , shandong plastic tray, with its high quality and low price to win the recognition of numerous areas, products sold throughout the country. in China occupies an important seat in the market.
plastic tray, as 'pillars' of industrial companies and logistics companies, the performance of the quality of their products, the products are plays an important role in economic development. In 2014, is a plastic tray tengfa industry development in China, most of the manufacturers constantly increase the scale of production, the development of new products, new molds, buying new machines. Driver of the market is the driving force of the enterprise, believe that there will be more and more investors optimistic about the industry, investment in factories, common to China plastic pallet industry. Shandong force Yang, to be a good tray, a wise choice for you!
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