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The editor of turnover box manufacturers will take you to understand the factors that affect the efficiency of my country's logistics and transportation

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
The editor of turnover box manufacturers will take you to understand the factors that affect the efficiency of my country's logistics and transportation. At present, the most common mode of transportation in our country is road, and again railway, sea and air transportation. The cost of road transportation is generally higher than that of railway transportation and sea transportation, but road transportation is still the preferred mode of transportation for many companies. This is because road transportation can control the delivery time and flexibility, while maximizing the protection of the delivery status of the goods. At present, my country has invested tens of billions of dollars to upgrade the road transportation network. As of the end of 2006, the total road mileage of the country reached 3,457,000 kilometers, and the country’s new expressway mileage was 4,334 kilometers. The economic centers of the provinces have been connected and will realize a road line along the coastline and the Yangtze River, and a road line from Lanzhou to Lianyungang and Beijing to Guangzhou. However, my country's road transportation has many problems such as overload transportation, poor service quality, insufficient preventive maintenance, quality control vacancies, unreasonable price agreements, high empty-load rates, etc., which cause the annual loss of my country's logistics and transportation industry as high as 8 billion US dollars. Railway transportation was responsible for the transportation of most materials in our country before 1997. However, after 1997, especially in recent years, with the continuous development of road transportation, less-than-carload cargo was basically replaced by road transportation, but for grain For materials such as coal and large overweight and long equipment, railway transportation is still the most economical transportation method. Nowadays, railway transportation methods are rarely given priority. In addition to railway transportation, which often has a lot of shortage of freight capacity and service quality, the main reason is that railway construction is not perfect. This is not only a problem in my country's logistics and transportation industry. Accenture's research report shows that there is a shortage of about 25% to 30% in railway freight transportation, because about 2,000 cities in the world do not have railways. These problems are attributed to the lack of the laying of railway lines. For example, ports and factories usually lack joint transportation connections and railway branch lines. Without joint transportation, containers cannot be directly transferred from trains to trucks. Without railway branch lines, goods must be operated twice at the loading point and the unloading point. Increase the probability of damage, which makes the choice of rail transportation become infeasible. At present, sea transportation is a mode of transportation often used in import and export trade activities. However, sea transportation is not suitable for the transportation of time-sensitive goods and finished goods. It is suitable for bulk goods and goods that need to be transported over long distances. However, it still requires a more complete infrastructure, otherwise it is difficult for this method to function efficiently. The cost of air transportation is relatively high, but the time is short, and it is suitable for the transportation of short-lived items, urgently needed commercial or disaster relief items. The current air cargo behavior still has the following problems: high prices, fewer routes, information blockage between shippers and airlines, unbalanced route network distribution, messy routes, and poor planning.
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