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The emergence of pad storehouse board is to meet the needs of environmental protection

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Pad storehouse board is used with forklift, shelves and other logistics equipment, logistics unit and pad storehouse board is to meet the need of environmental protection, using pad storehouse board instead of wooden tray can reduce the damage to the forest, is one of the best products. Is the inevitable product adapt to the development of logistics industry. It can be used to storage, loading and transport of the goods. Is one of the essential to modern logistics, warehousing and logistics equipment.

with strengthening the concept of food safety and pharmaceutical industry of health asks is ceaseless rise, get the favour of food medicine and sought after. Pad storehouse board has the advantages of high bearing capacity, long service life of the pad storehouse board for its anticorrosion, insect, moth-proofing, moisture, rust, no mildew etc, and widely used in chemical industry, textile, manufacturing and other fields.

pad storehouse board suitable for chemical, aquatic products, petrochemical, food, feed, clothing, shoes, electronics, dock, food appliances, ports, and biological medicine, machinery hardware, three-dimensional storage, logistics, transportation, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, warehouse loading and unloading, and storage shelves, auto parts, beer, beverage, electronic textile printing and dyeing, printing, packaging, logistics center and other industries.

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