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The features and advantages of plastic tray nine feet

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Nine feet plastic tray and conventional tray has an obvious characteristic is nine at the bottom of the tray support legs, it is because this feature is called 'nine feet plastic tray'.

plastic tray 1 and 9 feet because of the presence of the weight from foot to foot, at the height of the conventional plastic tray, at the same time to save a large amount of raw materials, thus the production cost is reduced, the tray price is relatively lower.
2 and 9 feet plastic tray for supporting up space, convenient for supporting the forklift truck and other handling tools, thus improve the efficiency of cargo handling.
3, 9 feet Plastic collapsible cratehas the function of the compression cascade. The following diagram, nine feet hollow out, under the condition of same model can be plastic pallet packed together, nine insert at the bottom of the feet to ensure the stability of the upper plastic tray, at the same time reduce the overall height pattern.

of course because of their design characteristics, nine feet plastic pallet fell slightly in bearing, dynamic load commonly 0. 5 t, static load 1. 5 t。 So nine feet plastic tray is suitable for carrying lighter weight goods.
common plastic pallet size nine feet are: 1, 1111 (
1100×1100×145毫米) ;
1208 ( 1200×800×140毫米) ;
1210 ( 1200×1000×140毫米) ;
1211 ( 1200×1100×140mm) ;
1212 ( 1200×1200×140mm) 。

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