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The first major mainstream trend of plastic hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-08

In the past year, there have been many bright spots in the plastic hollow board packaging industry that are worthy of attention. The hollow board lightweighting process continues to advance and has achieved good results; Oxidation and other functional plastic food packaging have been rapidly promoted; bio-based plastic packaging is no longer out of reach, and the 'thunder and rain' situation has been reversed; in-mold labeling packaging has become active again, setting off a surge in the plastic packaging market Small climax; convenience has become an indispensable part of packaging, and more and more companies are becoming more and more interested in packaging convenience...

These changes are just just started. Entering the new year, the author conducts a comprehensive scan of the packaging trends of plastic hollow boards, and counts the five hot trends in the field of plastic packaging technology. Today, let me talk about the major mainstream trends first.

Lightweight plastic hollow board

Lightweight is a commonly used industrial term at present. It is used to describe the production of packaging by using less materials. Practice of weight loss. The plastic packaging field is increasingly favoring lightweight materials, and almost every plastic packaging emphasizes this in terms of appearance and structure. Reducing the weight and thickness of packaging materials is faced with many challenges. The lightweight packaging needs to maintain the performance and functions of the original packaging. This is a major test for the production technology of lightweight packaging materials. In the past few years, through a series of material innovations and technological advancements, packaging lightweight has made great progress. In 2013, Sidel launched a new 0.5-liter PET bottle called RightWeight, which weighs only 7.95 grams. Compared with the current 0.5-liter water bottle with an average weight of 12 grams, the bottle weight is reduced by up to 34%. The lighter weight of Senbao plastic hollow board can reach 180 grams per square; it is the first in the industry;

In fact, the lightweight packaging can get the positive response of most companies The reason is not only environmental protection, but also because the lightweight packaging allows companies to use less packaging materials and directly save a lot of costs. Therefore, as the price of raw materials rises in the future, the value of lightweight packaging to enterprises will become increasingly prominent. In 2014, lightweight packaging is still the larger development direction of plastic packaging

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