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The food industry should choose food plastic trays like this

by:Qusheng     2021-06-12

   With the improvement of the current hygiene standards in the food industry, most companies have gradually increased their awareness of food safety, and more and more food industries have begun to choose food plastic trays. This is because plastic pallets have the following obvious advantages over wooden pallets.

   Food plastic trays are very hygienic, easy to clean, moisture-proof and mothproof, acid and alkali resistance will not pollute the goods. No nails, no thorns, no maintenance, no damage to the goods. Durable, the service life is higher than that of wooden pallets, and the service life of plastic pallets is generally 5 to 8 years. Environmental protection, the damaged plastic pallet can be recycled, and it can also be made into other plastic products.

Although    plastic pallets have many advantages, they also have advantages and disadvantages in the industry. How to choose economical food plastic pallets for food factories? First, you need to determine the dynamic load, static load, size, and usage mode that the pallet needs to achieve before choosing the pallet.

  Only when the static and dynamic load of the food Plastic collapsible crateis slightly larger than the actual load weight of the tray, can it better reflect the performance of the tray and extend the life of the tray. Secondly, the material of the tray should be selected according to the use environment and use form. Only by ensuring that the material is selected properly can the quality of the pallet be guaranteed and suitable applications can be ensured.

  General polypropylene plastic pallets can be used normally at minus 40 degrees Celsius. They are more commonly used in cold storage and areas with harsh climates such as northeast and northwest. The use form is also an important factor. For example, if the factory is to be used For stacking goods, you should choose Tianzi or double-sided plastic pallets.

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