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The four advantages of plastic tray application do you understand

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
The four advantages of plastic tray application do you know about plastic tray is a forklift, shelves and other logistics equipment supporting the use of logistics units, it mainly can be used for the storage of goods, loading, handling is one of the essential to modern logistics, warehousing and logistics equipment. So, enterprises use plastic pallet for logistics transportation what are the benefits? Below we plastic pallet manufacturers is simple to understand. The reliability of the 1, the structure of the plastic tray greatly higher than that of wooden pallets, reduce the damage of tray consumption, often use case, use fixed number of year is in more than 2 years, no repair rate; 2, wooden pallets after come into contact with the material, can't use again, and the plastic pallet as long as water washing, disinfection or again can once again use; 3, Plastic collapsible cratein the special commodity market adaptability is strong, such as food, cars, drinks, aquatic products, medicine and other industries, plastic pallet manufacturers can according to different requirements of customers, the plastic tray made all sorts of color, and combined with the company logo and tags. 4, Plastic collapsible cratecan moth-proofing, moistureproof, easy to clean, mouldproof, no nails, no thorns, export health can be exempted from inspection, durable, can be recycling use, etc.
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