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The function and production of plastic turnover box professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
Plastic turnover boxes are very common in life. What are the properties of plastic turnover boxes? Whether in large cities or rural areas, they are often seen, such as the outer packaging of beverages and fruits. The reason why plastic turnover boxes are so widely used is mainly because of the special properties of plastic turnover boxes. Performance 1: not only has the advantages of aging resistance, folding resistance, etc., but also has the advantages of high load-bearing strength, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature, and rich colors. It can be used for both turnover and packaging of finished products. , Lightweight, durable and stackable. Performance 2: The plastic crates can be customized according to user needs of various specifications and sizes, and some special designs can also be added according to user requirements, such as aluminum alloy edging, or cover, so that the turnover box is dust-proof , Beautiful appearance, generous and other benefits. This is also one of the main factors in the popularity of plastic crates. Production of plastic turnover boxes Plastic turnover boxes are also called plastic lattice boxes. They have the characteristics of light weight, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and hygiene. They can replace wooden boxes, cartons and other transportation packaging containers, and are widely used In the food and beverage industries, there are also more applications in the transportation and packaging of daily necessities. 1. The raw materials for plastic turnover boxes made by injection molding are mainly high-density polyethylene, co-polypropylene, polyethylene and other plastic materials. The production method is generally produced by injection molding. Injection molding, also called injection molding or injection molding, is a very common method in plastic molding processing. Its principle is similar to the principle and operation method of injection syringe, so some people call this process injection molding. Injection molding is suitable for molding processing of various thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastics. The process is as follows: feeding, heating and plasticizing, injecting a certain shape, demolding, feeding the powder or granular plastic from the hopper of the injection machine into the barrel for heating, so that the plastic is melted and reaches a fluid state with good plasticity. Pushed by the plunger (or screw), it is injected into the mold cavity with a lower temperature through the nozzle at the front end of the barrel, and the mold is opened after cooling and shaping, and then plastic products can be made. Injection molding equipment mainly includes injection machines (including injection systems, clamping systems, hydraulic transmission systems and electrical control systems) and plastic molds (including gating systems, molded parts and structural parts). At present, the more commonly used injection molding machines are horizontal Mobile screw injection molding machine. Injection molding equipment requires large investment, complex mold structure, and high processing cost, making it suitable for mass production. 2. In addition to injection molding, hot extrusion and cold pressing molding, plastic turnover boxes can also be produced by hot extrusion and cold pressing. The process flow is as follows: resin ingredients-dyeing-melt extrusion-storage tank insulation-die casting-finishing. This method has low equipment investment, low energy consumption, simple structure and low technical requirements, but it has low production efficiency, rough surface of the product, poor mechanical properties, and is rarely used in actual production.
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