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The function of the special tray and choice

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
General industrial general Plastic collapsible crateis on the fixed mold, forming a unified standard. China's current plastic tray with European standard unified standard of size, relative to the size of the unified standard carp the widespread use of Plastic collapsible crateand promotion.
but in some special industry regular general plastic tray is hard to meet the demand of the actual use of customers, it is derived the special plastic tray, a special plastic tray has the following several kinds of commonly used.
leakage plastic tray: commonly used in petrochemical industry and corrosive strong children's goods. When the tray colleagues in moving goods overflow of easy to be toxic or strong corrosive. Specific images below

cigarette plastic tray: conventional cigarette plastic pallet size is 1250 * 1000 * 150 mm, the structure of sichuan words grid plastic tray, commonly used in the whole case the shelves of tobacco use, have a special shelf to cooperate. In addition from the tobacco derived from plastic tray box for cigarette special Plastic collapsible cratewith tobacco to perform special plastic trays, plastic tray for tobacco box type, in this is differ a list. Photos are for.

electronics special plastic tray: the plastic tray does not agree with fixed standard, generally, according to the actual product size for each company. Qusheng plastic made of special electronic components plastic tray sketch as follows, for your reference.

disposable plastic tray: export is also called container plastic tray. Because the interior of the container size is fixed. 2. 35 m, it will restrict the export of disposable goods exports of plastic pallet size can only be between 1100 and 1200 * 1000 mm * 1100 mm, my company has a variety of export special plastic tray for the customer to choose.

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