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The future development trend of hollow board in the construction industry

by:Qusheng     2021-06-12

The future development trend of hollow board in the construction industry

Now more and more industries of building materials are beginning to get involved, including metals, wood, plastics, aluminum alloys, etc., countless. However, several plastics are more suitable for environmentally-friendly building materials, and they are also widely used. At present, the world's construction industry consumes about 13 million tons of plastic each year, accounting for 1/4 of the world's total plastic output, ranking first in the application of plastics. The reason for the rapid development of construction plastics, in addition to the excellent performance of the product itself, is also the substantial reduction of forest area and the enhancement of human awareness of protecting the ecological environment.

Hollow panels are also a branch of building materials, and are currently used in a very large amount. Plastic hollow boards have been greatly developed at home and abroad, showing a good development trend. Non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting building materials will be a hot spot for market demand in the 21st century. The market needs building materials to be 'harmlessNow this new type of building material with light weight and excellent performance will gradually replace the backward and heavy traditional building materials.

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