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The global plastic wide prospect of market

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Axis Research Mind company has reported that the sheet, Hard/soft plastic) , resin ( Thermoplastics/thermosetting plastics) And end products ( Such as food packaging, beverage packaging, building materials, plastics, medical plastic) Strong demand, the global plastic consumption is expected to exceed 500 million tons in 2016.
thanks to the rapid rise of the emerging countries and rapid development of global hard plastic market demand in 2016 will reach 2. 8. 4 billion tons. In general, PP and PE plastics industries will become a strong driving force to move on. The next three years, the market demand rate will account for 46% of the total demand.
the analysis according to the report, the global plastics industry consumption market prospect. In terms of demand, the 2013 - During 2016, Europe will become the plastic of the fastest growing market demand.
in terms of plastic product terminal application fields, electronic consumer goods is expected to become the plastic of the fastest growing market demand. In the next few years, the demand compound annual growth rate will reach 9%. Moreover, plastic daily necessities, automobile, home appliances, health care and other fields application prospect is also very.
the Axis Research Mind said, hard/soft packing, resin, plastic sheet, terminal products, such as application market one after another walk is beneficial to further boost plastic demand, promoting the healthy development of the global plastics industry. Wade plastic industry investment opportunity is numerous, huge space for development. In recent years, plastic packaging has become one of the popular investment industry.

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