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The goods should be piled up plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
Plastic pallets stacked packing usually include: bags, boxes, buckets, etc. Several forms. Have different stacking form different packing of the goods. Carried out in accordance with the correct form of stacking goods pattern, and is conducive to saving tray usable floor area, uniform tray facial stress and plastic pallet manufacturers think that the service life of the pallet can get very good extension, use Plastic collapsible crateto reduce costs, improve logistics standardization of purpose. Below for you to introduce plastic pallets of goods pile up.
1, bags: generally packaged goods at the time of visit, can be packed in accordance with a pile of form, the first layer is a horizontal two vertical three, second, on the other hand, the third layer is the same as the first layer, so that each layer will not have cracks appear, let tray force uniform, can maximize the use of plastic pallets.
2, cartons, usually containing the goods to be mainly in accordance with the seam in the form of the first layer of goods with good, after the second gaps on the first floor, etc, so put up is easy and neat, but also can make the goods more stable, the stress is evener, also can protect the Plastic collapsible crateis not bent.
3, barrel: bottled goods on pallets to note that should choose appropriate to the size of the plastic pallet, according to the diameter of the cylinder barrel to choose accordingly. If no specifications barrel, when selecting a tray also won't have a lot of restrictions, basically make the tray bearing surface reaches eighty percent.

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