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The grid plastic tray cleaning method

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
Grid plastic tray is used long will become dirty, at this time is to be a clean, especially the grid Plastic collapsible cratecleaning up and will have some trouble. The surface of the plastic tray is a grid, more surface or holes, there will be a lot of squares so cleaning may be more difficult, the best solution is to use soft brush scrub, deserve to go up some detergent and warm water, cleaning more convenient.
mesh Plastic collapsible crateis also a method of cleaning, incorrect cleaning method is not only to reach the ideal result, and may cause damage to plastic pallet, the best way is to Plastic collapsible crateto move to the open place, then use clean water pipe on the plastic pallet scour, usually plastic tray static load goods just dust accumulates some surface pattern, and through a simple washing can remove dirt.
for use with forklift plastic tray cleaning up and will have some trouble, because of carrying the goods for a long time, not only accumulated a lot of dust, the surface of the plastic tray can also cause some scratch, this time we first use the pipe cleaning on the surface of a grid plastic tray, and then slowly with brush clean scratches inside the dirt, so you can do a thorough cleaning.

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