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The healthy development of plastic pallet industries

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
In recent years, with the state's control of wood resources, the limitation of deforestation, make wooden tray production is limited by the raw materials, wood
system tray cost increased, make the wooden pallet in the pallet industry competition strength has weakened. Thus turned to the increase of the plastic tray
in the market, relative wooden tray Plastic collapsible crateservice life is long, one-time injection molding of plastic tray has good integrity, and convenient logistics line
. From the national macroeconomic regulation and control, service life long turnover compared with the traditional one-time wooden tray plastic tray, more conducive to promote plastic tray
industry's healthy development. Along with our country economic level rising, the value of the logistics industry gradually endowed with more rich. As a horizontal development involves in the
communication, railway, civil aviation, transportation and packing and so on department of industry, the logistics system gradually from the original single transportation concept, fine
the transport, storage, handling, processing, packaging, distribution, multiple functions such as link to meet the needs of users of logistics in the new period, can make these work
link can be coordinated development. Plastic pallet as basic components of logistics operations, can be used with forklift shelves and so on many kinds of logistics equipment, can make the goods to container unit
type of mold, avoid the efficiency loss caused by discrete assignments, reduce waste, accelerate user cash flow. Along with market competition intensifying,
industry products of technology, functions, specifications and materials are the maximum level of research and development, and further cost control, improve product competition
power demand, make logistics management gradually get the attention of the enterprise. To promote the healthy development of the plastic pallet industry will affect the entire tray line
industry market in the future. Plastic pallet as common among logistics auxiliary equipment of logistics operation, it will directly affect the quality and the function of the whole logistics supply chain efficiency
. demand was obvious increasing trend in recent years, for promoting the healthy development of national economy in China.
the end in 2011, a year of renewal is about to begin. The New Year, gradually recover from the financial crisis of plastic pallet industry pages will be given new vitality
. In the long run, realize the precise management in the whole process of the plastic tray, the tray of the implementation of countries to promote circulation share system will play a positive role,
and the construction of Shared system tray, wooden tray also will play an important role in the whole product structure. Because the technology is relatively mature and reliable technical quality,
the price cheap, widely used wooden pallet on the pallet industry in our country was once has a 90% market share, other types of tray, including plastic
material pallets, metal pallets, composite trays and latest products such as bamboo tray, has accounted for the rest of the market.
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