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The influence of exposure for the plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
Exposure to the influence of plastic tray plastic tray is now one of the commonly used tray, Plastic collapsible cratehas its own advantages, both durable and long using time. This is unmatched by other tray, now most of the storage tray is to use plastic pallet. is produced by directly using the plastic production, its anti-corrosion ability, good water, the effects of dust on plastic also is not very big. But the sun and has a certain effect on plastic, you may not have seen tray after exposure, but should be seen after the exposure of plastic products, plastic after exposure, become fragile, even the oxidation. Such problem for as there is a plastic tray, so the plastic tray is commonly used in indoor environment, if the manufacturer of plastic tray is used in outdoor environment, it needs to make preventive measures. High temperature degradation plastic has good toughness and plasticity, because of this advantage, plastic tray in the later use can bear the high weight. If it is for a long time in outdoor exposure, the plastic will appear the phenomenon of high temperature, long past degradation will occur. Explained the process of plastic itself also occur after degradation will result in plastic tray bearing quality is reduced, and even cracking phenomenon. Color plastic tray, generally is blue, if it is frequently, whitish phenomenon after exposure. The cause of this problem lies in the plastic itself appeared degradation after exposure, appear the phenomenon of pigmentation. Deformation in the plastic tray cannot be used directly after outdoor exposure, need to cool before they can use. If direct use can cause deformation of the problem, once the late deformation will not be able to use. Bearing the weight reducing plastic after exposure will become fragile, will directly reduce the bearing weight. Plastic pallet manufacturers don't put the Plastic collapsible crateas far as possible when stored in outdoor environment direct deposit, plastic pallet manufacturers recommendations in the storage and use in indoor environment.
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