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The influencing factors of plastic turnover box is what?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Plastic turnover box is made by high pressure high density polyethylene ( HDPE) And polypropylene ( P
P) High impact strength of injection molding. Its excellent quality, reasonable design, suitable for factory logistics distribution, warehousing, transportation, circulation and processing. Plastic box is widely used in logistics neatly stacked, parts of convenient, easy to manage. Part of the plastic case also is equipped with a box cover ( Part of the logistics box cover is separate matching, commonly used several kinds of similar types of logistics box products; Most of the body using a one-time molding, what are the factors affecting plastic turnover box production?

  1。 In the melt at the gate before freezing, heat preservation time on the size of the product accuracy have great influence. Keep the time depends on the material temperature, mold temperature and the size of the main runner and gate. If mainstream way and gate size and process conditions of normal, usually based on the pressure value, minimum contraction range.

  2。 Future plastic turnover box will cooperate with industrial automation, enhance the level of overall ascension, multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of product development, realize the industrialization development path. , therefore, should be conducted on technical innovation, on the premise of guarantee quality, as far as possible, shortening the time of each relevant molding cycle, to ensure that the product can maintain the best state of molding.

  3。 Cooling time may also affect the release of plastic turnover box. The cooling time should guarantee the principle of plastic turnover box mold release does not cause change, generally about 30 -
120 seconds. If the cooling time is too long, will not only reduce the production efficiency, and will cause the complex part demoulding difficulty, even in the stripping stress formed during ejection.

plastic turnover box is suitable for the clothing, hardware, machinery, electronics, food, aquatic products, chemical industry, instruments and meters, aquatic products, logistics, warehousing and other industries, can be used to store food, clean convenient, parts of convenient, neatly stacked and easier to manage.

in this paper, by the plastic turnover box, this view does not represent the views.
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