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The logistics industry structure of the plastic pallet

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
Plastic pallet logistics major changes in industrial structure. Due to the implementation of the open policy, comprehensive logistics enterprises to actively restructuring, small and medium-sized private enterprise development by leaps and bounds, logistics logistics foreign enterprise also occupy a larger market space. Plastic pallet logistics industry development is more and more broad, the coverage is more and more complete, from urban to rural, from industrial products to the farming and animal husbandry products, production materials, etc. , professional level and socialization is growing.

plastic pallet logistics information system has been basically formed, and in increasing levels of infrastructure. In addition, the cultivation of professional talents, formulation of relevant policies and regulations to implement all provides development conditions for the development of logistics industry. Visible, the logistics of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country has a thriving vitality. The problems and challenges facing small and medium-sized logistics enterprises in China, plastic tray strategic planning is not enough, lack of strategic vision, expectations and the actual deviation of the market is too big, cannot make feasible strategy and implementation steps. Many small and medium-sized logistics enterprises no direction to the development of oneself, cannot develop clear strategic planning and route. It is extremely deadly for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises. Even if some small and medium-sized logistics enterprise established strategic planning is difficult to effectively implement, make planning become a dead letter. According to concerning sectional statistic, according to our country small and medium-sized logistics enterprises in the lack of long-term strategic design accounted for 83%, while the remaining 17% of the enterprises to implement only a part of planning. Visible, Plastic collapsible cratelack of strategic planning to become the common problems existing in small and medium-sized logistics enterprises in our country. The lack of logistics professionals. In our country, the logistics industry is an emerging industry, the cultivation of logistics professionals are only near 20 years, has not yet formed a mature system of education. 20000 people, is expected by the end of 2012 the logistics professional management talent gap could reach more than 7 million.

plastic tray system also unable to provide enough for the development of logistics industry professionals. Combined with small and medium-sized logistics enterprise top managers behind talent management idea, does not pay attention to enterprise staff's professional training, makes the talent lack of more serious, and keep talents. So, lack of talent has become the problem of small and medium-sized logistics enterprises.

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