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The main content of logistics management

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
The content of the logistics management includes three aspects: the content of the is the management of all key elements of logistics activities, including transportation, storage and other links of management; The essential elements of the logistics system of management, namely, of the people, money, material, equipment, methods, and management of information and so on six big elements; The management of specific functions in the logistics activity, mainly includes the logistics planning, quality, technology, economy and other functions of management, etc.
logistics management science is nearly one hundred and twenty years since the rise of a new discipline in a foreign country, it is a new important branch of management science. With the improvement of production technology and management technology, the competition between the enterprises becomes more intense, people gradually found that enterprise in lower production cost competition seems to have come to an end, the product quality is only the key of an enterprise could enter the market to competition. At this moment, the focus of the competition start from production field to non-production areas, turned to the past those scattered, isolated, is regarded as the auxiliary part and ignored, such as transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, distribution processing, and other areas of the logistics activities. People began to study how to reduce logistics cost in these areas, improve the quality of service, to create 'the third profit source. Logistics management from the enterprise from the traditional separated production and sales activities, became an independent field of study and subject scope. The science of logistics management is making the original in economic activity in a latent state of logistics system, it reveals the internal relation of each part of the logistics activity, its development and perfected, is the magic weapon of the successful modern enterprise in market competition.
a few days ago, chinahr, according to a year for vacancies online monitoring data analysis summed up the 2005 year of the workplace. Last year, according to the workplace has experienced from the process of piling on slow development, the employment index at the end of 750 for the first time mark, IT technical staff is the most popular, advertising, public relations personnel salary feeling bullish, its cold real estate talents, talents upgrade of the fast consumer goods, high-end wealth management talent gap is big, high salary for logistics management talents.
there are data show that the logistics personnel has been included in the national shortage of 12 kinds of personnel, personnel and logistics planning, logistics management, logistics, research personnel and logistics division in short supply. Many enterprises in the recruitment of logistics management personnel, require a master's degree or above, 3 years management experience, 5 years of industry experience, preferably with a work experience in large-scale foreign enterprise logistics department.
data also show that, in the logistics industry is relatively developed four to Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, the median salary in 10 - storage manager 12. 70000 yuan, high in the 21st - About 260000 yuan; Head of import and export Business functions) The median salary in 5. 8 - 6. 60000 yuan, high in 8. 1 - 9. About 50000 yuan; And the general logistics manager ( IT industry) While the median salary for 5. 3 - 6. Can achieve 17-20000 yuan between, the most high 200000 yuan left
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