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The main reason influencing the price of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
1, the raw materials: plastic tray can be divided into new material ( Commonly referred to as raw materials) And reworked material ( Generally called clinker) , new functional aspects than expected in the reworked material, price obviously more expensive than normal material. 2, the proportion of reworked material: reworked material tray for adding a certain proportion of reworked material one-time molding tray; Significantly, reworked material proportion, the more cost is lower, and the lower prices. 3, Plastic collapsible cratestructure: the weight of the same, different structure of the tray, there is a plastic injection molding, without subsequent processing, some tray is need through welding processing and so on many process after forming, the cost is higher, of course, price is expensive, in addition, prevent slippery, steel tube, RFID ( Built-in chip) Tray, such as the cost will be increased significantly, the price will also be increased accordingly. P>

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