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The market application of grid double-sided plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
The one side of the plastic tray to tray currently on the market, actually completely from the production technology can produce double-sided plastic tray. The double-sided Plastic collapsible cratestructure and application of the specific what?

type two-way fork into the double-sided Plastic collapsible crateis with weft bar the X axis and Y axis to the longitudinal reinforcement, Z axis vertical reinforcement measurements of three-dimensional integral extrusion products, its high structural strength, reinforced automation, continuous stepped in and tray so as to realize automation of production, improve the production efficiency of the tray, reduce production cost, and the products have no metal, is conducive to recycling plastic pallet manufacturers.

type two-way fork into the double-sided plastic tray is a kind of plant that has reinforced fiber whole extrusion molding, including forklift into the fork of the pallet body inside, with weft bar, longitudinal reinforcement, vertical reinforcement integral extrusion products, coaming for crops straw fiber and adhesive extruding.

double-sided Plastic collapsible crateincludes at least two pallet racks, cross section for half frame, both sides of the same position without hole, and each single pallet racks with at least two hole on the side, top and bottom there are fixed several side by side on the tray panel, double-sided plastic pallet at both ends of the panel to the back, thereby increasing the strength of the tray panel.

because have the runway in pallet racks on the side of hole, so it can achieve four directions into the fork, top and bottom tray panel structure, realize the use of double-sided, this kind of structure design is reasonable, half frame structure is used in pallet racks in satisfy the intensity and reduce tray, the weight of the whole comparatively light, and its important use without limitations.

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