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The methods of dealing with the winter to avoid brittle plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
is a forklift, shelves and other logistics equipment supporting the use of logistics unit. Can be used for the storage of goods, loading, handling is essential to modern logistics, warehousing and logistics equipment is now the most widely used one of varieties of tray. As is known to all, plastic tray is by PP or HDPE for the material, through the injection molding of plastic products, most customers buy Plastic collapsible crateis indoor use, include warehouse turnover, warehousing and so on, all the year round use temperature often is in 0 ℃ or more.
but some customers, especially in the north of the customer, when using the plastic pallet in the winter, may face is used in low temperature environment, this time not only beg the customer can choose appropriate materials ( What cold plastic pallet material) Plastic tray, but also accurate operating plastic tray, adjustable plastic tray can only use for a long time. To avoid brittle plastic tray, should do the following:
1, choose suitable for thick wall materials and the use of new materials;
2, adjust the molding process and post-treatment process;
3, reasonably adjust the mold temperature and injection temperature;
4, optimization design and the insert preheating;
5, the operation process of light to take light put, used correctly.

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