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The origin and development of electronic business logistics

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
E-commerce logistics is a set of electronic logistics solutions, is the ERP system, as the saying goes, logistics on the electronic display and related operations, logistics or need machines and handling. E-commerce logistics will start from the traditional logistics. Most of all kinds of logistics distribution at home and abroad across a simple delivery stage, but the level is still in the traditional sense of the logistics distribution, existing in operation of the traditional logistics distribution, therefore, cannot overcome the shortcomings and problems, does not yet have or basic does not have the information, the characteristics of the new-style modernization and socialization of logistics distribution. Electronic commerce as the digital way of life, represent the future way of trade, consumption mode and service mode. Therefore demands the overall ecological environment should be improved, to break the original logistics industry's traditional pattern, construction and development of commodity agents and distribution as the main features of socialization of logistics, business flow, information flow of the organic combination of logistics distribution center, set up e-commerce logistics system, make all kinds of flow unimpeded, is the best e-commerce environment

the world.

the earliest humans take 'barter exchange way, at that time, there is no cash flow, the transformation of commodity ownership is tightly along with the transformation of the logistics. With the money, the formation of the human appeared on the chain of the first layer mediation - — Currency, people began to use money to buy things, but at the moment, 'gang get the cash on delivery', the transformation of commodity ownership is still followed the logistics ( Just based on monetary intermediary) , this stage because of the development of productive forces and social division of labor, the flow of information began to appear, and began to play a role. Later, along with the increasing refinement of social division of labor and the development of commercial credit, specifically for monetary intermediary services of the second mediation appeared. They are specialized institutions, such as Banks, they are in monetary intermediary service and currency trading, thanks to them, logistics and cash flow separation, produced a variety of way to trade: payment in advance before trading, trading in the collection, checks, drafts, after payment installment payment, deferred payment. This means that the conversion and transformation of logistics of the ownership of the goods, in this case, the effect of information flow are highlighted. Because of this separation brings a risk problems, to avoid this risk will have to rely on as much information as possible, such as the quality of the other information, price information, ability to pay, pay the prestige and so on. In summary, in this stage, the business flow and cash flow separation, the flow of information is becoming more and more important role.

with the development of network technology and electronic technology, electronic mediation as a kind of tool is introduced in the production, exchange and consumption, the human entered the e-commerce age. Trade order in this day and age, people do not change, still want to have a pre and post trade and trade in several stages, but to communicate and contact tool changed, such as from previous paper documents into electronic documents now. An important feature of this stage is the flow of information has changed, Electronic) , more show the paper data flow. At this time of the information flow in a very important position, it always commodities throughout the process, in a higher position to control the whole process of commodity circulation, record the whole process of business activities, is to analyze the guiding cash flow, logistics, business decision-making important basis. In the era of electronic commerce, as a result of electronic tools and the application of network communication technology, make the parties of space-time distance is almost zero, favorable to promote the information flow, business flow, cash flow, logistics, the organic combination of 'four circulations'. For some can be transmitted through a network of goods and services, and even can achieve the 'four circulations' synchronous processing, for example, by surfing the Internet, query, select, click, users can complete the entire shopping process of an electronic software.
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