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The overall logistics network engineering system ( Plastic tray manufacturing company)

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
To it in terms of the role of, is, in fact, support various logistics activities, support various logistics mode of operation for the operation of the platform system. This platform system composed of two parts to construct:

1, the logistics information network project the project system is generated by a wide range of information, collection, processing and transmission, to support the management and operation of logistics system, support all logistics activities. The main characteristics of logistics system is a trans-regional, large scale, multiple nodes, therefore, only with the support of information technology and network technology, will solve the problem of logistics system construction, so the logistics information network project is running such a large and complex system never lack of means.
in addition to the basic management information system, decision support systems, inventory management, bar code system, global positioning system, remote data exchange system, channel distribution system and so on information engineering technology, particular attention in recent years.
2, physical flow network engineering
the resources disposition, the specific implementation, must flow through the material object network, physical flow network is to realize the logistics of the important factors of productivity, it focus on the logistics system of main equipment, facilities and technology, management and labor personnel. These productivity elements configuration in the building by the contact and logistics line into the physical flow of the network, and to cover the production enterprises, suppliers and users.
the physical flow of network building and operation and construction of logistics system is the main capital input field, is also the biggest in human, material and energy consumption areas, therefore, it is cost focus areas.
physical flow network engineering is a complicated system engineering, it embodies the level of comprehensive logistics. Master of logistics engineering curriculum
[ 1] Logistics engineering professional master's degree course in light of the characteristics of logistics engineering master's training and setting up the enterprise needs. Teaching content with KuanGuangXing and comprehensive, reflect the contemporary logistics engineering related discipline development frontier. Pursuing a master's degree in logistics engineering student, should obtain the total credit of not less than 32 credits, one degree course credits at least 14 credits, professional required course credits at least 18 credits. Specific see the curriculum schedule as follows.

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