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- the plastic tray - - - Hot runner technology ( 1)

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
- the plastic tray - - - - - - - - Hot runner technology ( 1)
with the constant improvement of the plastic raw material performance, mold in the mold, increasing the proportion of departments has been widely used to national economy and daily life, and hot runner mould with its unique advantage has been more and more widely used. Compared with the cold runner mold, hot runner mould has the following advantages: ( 1) Reduce the cycle of the stamping forming. Since there is no runner system, the cooling time and mould cavity schedule can be shortened, which can shorten the molding cycle. According to statistics, compare with photograph of common flow path, hot runner mold molding cycle can shorten commonly is about 30%.
( 2) Improve product quality, reduce scrap rate. In hot runner mould forming process, the plastic melt in the runner system to get accurate temperature control, plastic with more uniform state into the cavity, which can get high quality parts, and the use of hot runner molding plastics runner are of good quality and low residual stress after demoulding, part deformation is small. A lot of high quality products on the market all use hot runner mold production, such as cell phones, printers, notebook computer in xu production without waste, this for the application of high price of plastic raw materials, in particular project. Many plastic parts, etc.
( 3) Save the plastic raw materials. Because of the hot runner mold does not produce runner setting material ( 4) To eliminate the follow-up process, be helpful for production automation. Parts after molding mould of hot flow path is the finished product, don't need to trim the gate and recycling processing runner setting material process, be helpful for production automation, greatly improve production efficiency.
( 5) Expanding the scope of the injection molding process application. With the perfection and development of hot runner technology, the current hot runner mold not only can be used for molding plastic melting temperature range is wide, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. , can also be used for heat-sensitive plastic molding processing temperature range is relatively narrow. And in the flow channel technology developed on the basis of many advanced plastic forming technology, such as multi-color injection, injection process, a variety of materials laminated mold, etc. Although compared with the cold runner mold, hot runner mold has many incomparable advantages, but we also cannot ignore the disadvantages of the mould of hot flow path.
in summary, the general in the mould of hot flow path in the process of using the following disadvantages:
( 1) Complicated structure. Due to the electric heater is easy to produce local overheating, easy product scrap caused by resin is burned, so must to partition a multipoint heating and hot runner temperature control, resulting in mould of complicated structure.
( 2) The high cost of the mould. Due to heating by partition, multi-point temperature control, so make temperature control device to improve mold production cost increases.
( 3) Maintenance complex. Due to adverse factors such as temperature control heating device vulnerable to damage, increase the maintenance project. And, each time maintenance tend to die from the injection machine off, for maintenance after ripping, thereby increasing the production of auxiliary time, lower the productivity;
( 4) Can not fundamentally solve the problem of local overheating in the hot runner system. Due to the hot runner system use partition more heating, multi-point temperature control, inevitably require multiple heating and temperature control device, and the temperature control device itself in accuracy problem, makes the hot runner system in different regions of the actual temperature is not uniform.
( 5) Due to the gate and hot runner nozzle are near cavity, after heat insulation measures are taken, still cannot avoid heat loss, make the hot runner nozzle on both ends of the temperature difference is bigger, difficult to maintain the equilibrium temperature, thus bring adverse effect on the injection molding.

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