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- the plastic tray - - - Hot runner technology ( 2)

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
- the plastic tray - - - Hot runner technology ( 2)
hot runner is a kind of heating method is adopted to make in the injection machine nozzle into the mold cavity in the whole flow channel between the gate and the plastic has been in a molten state, thus need to take out the product after fulfilling the injection and does not produce runner setting advanced gating system of material. Plastic melt to flow through the main nozzle, heat flow but, nozzle, eventually get to mold cavity. So how to ensure that the plastic in the main nozzle in use process, heat flow but and nozzle has remained in the molten state and equilibrium temperature, how to higher temperature of hot runner system and temperature are relatively lower mold cavity between heat insulation is the key of hot runner technology. 1. 1 heating of hot runner system. 1. 1 heat flow but heating ( 1) The calculation of heating power heating power calculation formula of heat flow but [ 4] As follows: type: n as the heating power, t rising temperatures required for heat flow but, g is the weight of the heat flow but, t as the heating time, habits will be subject to an hour, but in recent years, in order to improve production efficiency for small and medium-sized mold can be changed to 0. As to 5 hours for thermal efficiency 0. 2 to 0. 3. ( 2) Heating mode of heat flow but there are two main types of heating mode, namely the internal heating type and external heating type. External heating type external to heat flow from the flow path, are generally open heating holes in parallel to the flow direction, the interpolation element or installed heating circle, as shown in figure 2. This kind of indirect heating the runner plastic heating way, won't produce local overheating, melt in the runner of small flow resistance, flow easy processing, the heating device is easy to buy, easy replacement maintenance after failure, but low heat efficiency. Internal heating type is set the heating rods in the flow channel, from internal heating was carried out on the plastic flow, as shown in figure 3. Compared to the heating mode and heating mode, the thermal efficiency is higher, but it's easy to have a local overheating phenomenon, and the melt flow resistance increases, need to use high pressure molding, plastic parts may produce larger internal stress. ( 3) Nozzle heating nozzle heating power calculation of the heat flow but heating power calculation is much more complicated and has not been determined, generally calculated by the empirical formula. Nozzle heating mode of the main heating, heating and heating. No heating type nozzle is means there is no heater heating nozzle, but by the quantity of heat of heat flow but keep within the nozzle plastic molten state, this kind of nozzle generally use thermal conductivity good beryllium copper production, and length can't be too long, the general is limited to 40 mm. External heating type nozzle in peripheral nozzle is equipped with heating, the heating mode won't produce the phenomenon of local overheating, but must be on the back of the mold cavity plate slot in order to load a heating coil, and the size of the heating coil will be restricted. Internal heating type nozzle insert element within the nozzle, the nozzle of high thermal efficiency, the temperature of the nozzle front is easier to control, the gate will not cure, but due to the smaller the diameter of the heating rods, density, makes the service life of heating rod shorter. Insulation between mold and hot runner system to maintain the hot runner system in the plastic in the process of machining has been in a molten state, as mentioned above, must adopt various heating methods on the hot runner system for heating, thus the temperature of the hot runner system is relatively high. But to get qualified plastic products, mould temperature must be lower than the plastic glass transition temperature, mold temperature is relatively low. So in the design of hot runner mold, it must be fully aware of the injection machine templates, and between mold plate, runner plate and die plate, runner plate and cavity plate, between the nozzle and the insulation between the cavity plate. Injection machine templates, and between mold plate, generally USES 6 ~ 10 mm of insulation asbestos board. Runner plate and cavity plate, mold plate is often used between 3 ~ 8 mm insulation, air gap of all pressure parts in contact with the heat flow but must be controlled within the smallest number, and it is best to use low thermal conductivity of materials. Between the nozzle and the cavity plate plastic melt, or the air gap adiabatic development dynamic hot runner technology is applied in injection molding industry, a new advanced technology have been widely used in foreign countries. But in our country, the technology is still in its infancy and promotion stage. As stated earlier, there are still many problems in hot runner system, such as can be improved from the following several aspects, will make more complete hot runner technology, so as to get more extensive application. To standardize the hot runner system components, simplify and reduce the maintenance cost of hot runner system. The introduction of new heating technology, such as heat pipe technology, make the temperature of the hot runner system more evenly. Improve the temperature control technology, make the temperature control more accurate. Extend the service life of the core components.

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