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- the plastic tray - - - Plastic tray, the general three kinds of production process

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
- the plastic tray - - - general three production processes of
plastic tray annual update rate and the growth rate of plastic pallets are around 10%, in the classification and characteristics of plastic tray of petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation industries use plastic pallet number is multiplied. Canada is rich in natural resources is the source of its powerful packaging machinery. Wood, ore, oil and gas is used in the production of packaging, plastic packaging, paper, metal and glass packaging of raw materials. The Canadian manufacturer can produce all of these materials, packaging equipment. Canadian company specializes in manufacturing equipment for a large number of different line speed, is good at designing elastic large equipment, applicable to all kinds of products.
the development of plastic pallet is mainly due to the following factors: 1, the plastic tray itself superior performance. 2, the more and more control of deforestation, make lumber costs rose sharply, with European and American strict requirements, to stimulate the use of plastic tray. 3, plastic tray equipment processing and high degree of automation, high yield.
at present, the production of Plastic collapsible cratein general with three kinds of method: one is the injection molding, the cost is higher; Second, portfolio, by extrusion method, low cost but less intensity of use; 3 it is alien hollow blow molding, simple and save raw material. Ontario mississauga, is because of its Macro engineering company, create the outstanding contribution of blown film technology, enjoy high reputation in the world.
recently, the company has developed a plastic tray AMTMacroPack diaphragm technology, first in the world to produce commercial width of nylon PVDC diaphragm. Third, the market structure is not reasonable, excessive prices deviate from now. Mid to late June to early July, L1101 once a spot contract premium 600 - 800 yuan/ton, arbitrage opportunities now.
in addition, the developed countries are uneven distribution of Plastic collapsible cratefor about 40% of the total, and the demand of Plastic collapsible cratein our country in the future also will reach 2 million, heralds a plastic tray in the Chinese market is huge development potential.
Corma design is the most innovative spirit in the field of plastic equipment manufacturer, specialize in threaded pipe and other plastic pipe production equipment. Corma launched star for pipe production mode is the masterpiece of the innovation. This kind of mold production pipe high strength, significantly improved the plastic tray impact resistant ability.
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