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- the plastic tray - - - The advantage of information technology application in logistics warehousing

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
- the plastic tray - - - The advantage of information technology application in logistics warehousing
with rapid development, modern logistics development towards informationization, warehousing logistics more and more tends to the informationization management. Informationization of logistics center business informatization management mostly, used in: statistics, secretarial, and financial management. Used for supporting business decisions, investment and business plan, etc.
in the logistics warehousing, the application of information technology is mainly manifested in the following advantages:
1, warehousing logistics informationization application for modern warehouse provides the basic conditions and management model for the logistics industry realization of science and technology provides necessary conditions, can be more reasonable and effective organization, command, scheduling, monitoring of inbound, outbound, storage, loading and unloading, handling, measurement, storage, finance, security and other activities in the warehouse.
2, higher quality, high efficiency to achieve better economic results. The application of temperature and humidity automatic detection system such as warehouse. Some more strict warehouse temperature and humidity conditions, temperature and humidity can be installed inspection instrument, the rolls was detected in the main point of the temperature and humidity data, each point of the survey data transmitted to information processing center for processing and display, when measured values within the prescribed scope, will be issued a warning information, remind managers for disposal, the interests of the largest avoid warehousing of goods damaged.
3, as the process of information processing speed quick, the characteristics of the large information capacity, and transmission in the network. Warehousing logistics informationization in the role of more and more obvious, through the establishment of a process handle warehousing logistics management center of local area network (LAN), can through the network to establish a network connection, the delivery of cargo from storage to manage modern logistics, warehousing and storage, planning, statistics, finance and so on each link, in a shorter period of time to achieve higher efficiency of dispatching work, for the enterprise logistics turnover efficiency.

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