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- the plastic tray - - - The importance of the logistics system, 1)

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
- the plastic tray - - - The importance of the logistics system, 2)
electronic automation including enterprise production management information, information processing automation and networking of three parts. A modern industrial enterprise automation design to automation technology, computer technology, communication technology, advanced manufacturing technology and management and multidisciplinary. In the modern industrial automation. The computer control technology is extremely important. It is the combination of computer control technology and control theory.
production logistics is an important part of modern production. As productivity is increasing day by day, the great potential of production logistics system is more and more attention. In processing and manufacturing equipment itself ability and efficiency of colleagues, characteristic of logistics, the pursuit of improve the overall efficiency of the production system is an important symbol of modern production.
modern logistics system is a combination of machinery, electronics, automation, computer, management, systems engineering, such as technology, is the modern production logistics system is a complex integrated system. How to improve the production efficiency of the system is of vital importance. Using system simulation technology analysis and research, system planning and design, transportation scheduling and logistics control, can optimize the system design.

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