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- the plastic tray - - - The importance of the logistics system, 2)

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
- the plastic tray - - - The importance of the logistics system, 2)
with the rapid development of productivity, increasing the level of modern technology, through the science combined with production practice, gradually form of logistics has become a cross subject of natural science and social science. Logistics refers to the entities ( Material and its carrier) Physical flow process. Logistics is now regarded as industry, are widely used in the circulation field, production area and social economy. With the rapid development of commodity economy, the enterprise production, the higher the degree of automation, the need of logistics system. Logistics is the basic task of finished goods and materials storage and transportation.
around this basic task, the logistics also includes planning, management, inspection, packaging materials, and according to the material type, quantity, quality, accurate and lowest cost to the designated place, finish goods in information transmission and revision, and carrier recovery process. Thus, logistics is the category of technology economy and management science, is the natural and social disciplines overlapping and penetration of edge discipline. It is a technical science and economic science, is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive, both involve the production, transportation and other technology, and involves economy, statistics, computer and the simulation analysis.
logistics research object is a complex dynamic system. In the system analysis to consider the economic indicators, technology advanced, scientific. Methods use the mathematical logic reasoning and computing science, and the system modeling, MoNiHua and simulation analysis.
the higher the degree of automation, manufacturing process, the more flexibility, production scale is larger, the higher the efficiency of manufacturing system, the more need to modern logistics. In the process of production, only 5% of the time used for processing and manufacturing of products, the remaining 95% of the time used for storage, handling, testing, packaging, waiting and transportation. The storage, transportation and other fees accounted for about 40% of the cost of production. So, no matter how modern production equipment, to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process has a limit. And logistics this emerging industry is to develop 'virgin land', is the third source of profit, namely to reduce the production and the cost of sales colleagues, also want to reduce logistics cost. At present, the developed countries have common logistics structure, reduce logistics cost, adapt to the new business and enterprise modernization of various types of logistics distribution center, to meet the need of modern production and life.
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