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The position of logistics in the economic life

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Economy in circulation, the transport logistics, the economy, the position of logistics in the social economy is irreplaceable. The word 'economy' from 'classic people out', is the purpose of economic business, let people live a rich life. So-called economy, is to use for the concept of 'value' to see the human society, refers to the buying and selling people to live and engage in necessary, consumption, production and other activities. But the economy is not only composed of business, consumption, life. Companies to sell their products, obtain the income, there is no circulation is not enough, we consume only in order to live, need to buy the necessary items, process items to consumers' hands, the circulation is indispensable. So, the logistics is one of the major factors of economy, it is beyond doubt. As mentioned above, the economy is made up of three areas, namely 'production', 'circulation' and 'consumption'. Colleges and universities 'political economy', 'economics', 'economic principle' of the university of teaching is: economy is' production and consumption or 'supply and demand. Circulation is included in the 'supply ( Production) In the '. However, circulation and there are essential differences between manufacturing and cultivation. Modern circulation increasingly large scale, it is because of the size of the economy, expanded. In Japan, industrial raw materials, fresh food from all over the world, the choose and buy the Japanese production of the goods are sold to all over the world. Therefore, it is necessary to put 'articles' and 'deliver goods' to consider separately. Plastic tray circulation by two functions - 'to flow ( Trade circulation) 'And' logistics ( The circulation of) '-. These two functions, however, is not like production circulation - consumption belong to different areas, just the same thing in different points of view are difference. So-called business flow, for 'money ( Goods) 'From the perspective of the transfer of ownership, the ownership from manufacturers, farmers, fishermen's transfer to the hand of the merchants, eventually to consumers' hands, it is refers to the flow. On the other hand, the flow of logistics from the material point of the physical activity of its. In addition to the above two functions, it can be said that in circulation and auxiliary function, that is information, financial and other services. Logistics from the activity area can be divided into transport, distribution, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, circulation processing, in the library management, logistics information processing, etc. , these activities also can continue to segmentation. Has such close relation between them. Logistics change, therefore, will affect the economy as a whole, economic change, logistics has to change. In short, to regard the logistics from the perspective of the whole society.
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