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The present situation of the logistics professional and scenarios

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
The so-called logistics, is material from the supplier to the purchaser's physical exercise. It includes transportation, storage, handling, sorting, packaging, processing, and other links. The professional courses in main are: introduction to logistics, marketing, economic geography, introduction to international trade, principles of management, business English, transportation organization technology, warehouse and distribution management, logistics information management, and other courses.
with the rapid development of society, economy, technology, all kinds of the constant improvement of infrastructure, the trend of global economic integration and market competition increasing, puts forward higher requirements on logistics, gives a new connotation. Modern logistics refers to the information, transportation, warehousing, inventory, handling, and packaging of integrated logistics activities such as a new type of integrated management, namely in the traditional logistics, on the basis of the introduction of high-tech, information with computer networking, and carries on the scientific management of the logistics information, so that the logistics speed, accuracy, inventory reduction, cost reduction, improve quality, to provide customers with the best service. Compares the professional logistics is now the world famous company has: ups ( UPS) The Netherlands ( TNT) Deutsche post ( DHL) Federal express ( FEDEX) Why do the good prospect of modern logistics industry? According to the China federation of logistics and purchasing statistics, more than 30 provinces and cities across the country had been made the logistics industry development planning and introduced the necessary industrial policy, the National Development and Reform Commission are writing outline of China's logistics industry development, and put forward the preliminary opinions on the industrial policy of development of logistics industry. With the support of policy, the logistics enterprise and the enterprise logistics start into the fast lane. So far, China has formed the public sector of the logistics enterprises, private logistics enterprises with foreign investment ( Including sino-foreign joint venture) Logistics enterprise situation of the three pillars of the trend since 3 years, and the apparent acceleration. In five to 10 years, will form around 10 national recognized leading enterprise in China's logistics and go global. Outsourcing logistics has begun to 80%, the proportion of outsourcing and the outsourcing of areas will gradually expand, emerge including haier logistics, treasure for outstanding logistics enterprise logistics, China merchants logistics. The first China logistics entrepreneurs BBS and 2003 China logistics ( Enterprise) Annual report also showed that the January to September 2003, the national social logistics total 21. 7 trillion yuan, rose 26. 9%. Rapid growth of the total cost of the logistics, which indicates that there is an increasing demand of the economic growth of China logistics and economic development degree of dependence on logistics is becoming more and more high. One of the world's largest shipping company, — Vioxx global companies in the United States, vice President of qaddafi forecast, 'China's logistics industry in the next 10 years related services revenue will remain 20% annual growth rate. ', a professor at Beijing university of science and technology, logistics, director of the institute of wu ching a believes that China's modern logistics development is still in its infancy, distribution system is not sound, but with the popularity of e-commerce, logistics market potential and promising prospects.
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