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The production of tray technology

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
1. Injection molding tray
plastic tray is China's largest production varieties of plastic tray.

China since the eighty s began to introduce the foreign equipment production injection molding tray, but the cost and other factors, the market did not open all the time. For general industrial plastic tray to expand production to create the conditions.
2。 Blow molding tray
China to adopt blow molding technology manufacturer of plastic pallet is less, has formed annual production capacity of about $500000. Generally selects high molecular weight high density polyethylene ( HWMHDPE) Production, mechanical and manual forklift can use, double-sided tray can be used on both sides, prolong the service life. At present this kind of blow molding tray mainly in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, railway transportation, large freight yard need to high strength use the occasion.

the advantages of plastic tray
* in terms of corrosion resistance, Plastic collapsible crateis best, plastic wood, steel tray worst;

* in terms of moisture resistance, Plastic collapsible crateperformance;

* on bug eat by moth resistance, best steel pallet, plastic pallet,

* in terms of the average life expectancy, two steel pallet and plastic tray;

* on the pallet weight, paper, wood pallet has certain advantages;

* on the bearing capacity, steel tray the best effect; The paper tray is poor;

* on the use of performance, plastic and steel pallet is superior to paper, wood pallets;

* on the price of tray, wood tray have advantages, paper and plastic wood, steel tray is the most expensive.

however, due to in the practical use, according to different purposes, some pallets are other varieties are difficult to replace. Such as carrying heavy items, steel tray has its irreplaceability. But overall, plastic tray, plastic wood composite and paper will be a promising product, and among them the most for plastic tray.

plastic tray classified by application and industry export plastic tray,
transport plastic tray, moisture-proof plastic pad, moisture-proof plastic pallet, plastic pallet, forklift shelves plastic tray, plastic tray, plastic tray, food beer plastic tray, beverage plastic tray, chemical plastic tray, plastic tray, tobacco machinery, plastic tray, electronic plastic tray, plastic tray, salt industry stacking plastic tray, transport standard plastic tray, port plastic pallet, plastic pallet container, etc. Vc simple identification method of plastic

plastic tray in the all kinds of plastic regeneration method for waste plastic recycling, mostly need to plastic sorting. Due to too many and complicated plastic consumer channels, some hard post-consumer plastics was by simple differentiate its appearance, therefore, it is best to indicate the varieties of materials in plastic products. With reference to the American society of plastic (China SPE) Put forward and implement material varieties tag made the GB/T16288 - 1996 'plastic packaging products recycling symbol', although can use the tag above method for sorting, but because there are many Chinese sign of plastic products, bring difficulty to the sorting, respectively for different varieties of plastic, so that classification recycling, the first thing to have knowledge to identify different plastic, plastic simple identification method introduces below:
the appearance of the plastic identification
by observing the appearance of the plastic, can be initially identified plastic products belong to categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic or elastomer. General thermoplastics has two categories, crystalline and amorphous. Crystalline plastics translucent appearance, opacifying shape or opaque, only in the state of thin film is transparent, hardness from soft to cutin. Amorphous colorless commonly, when without additives for full transparency, hardness from hard in cutin rubber ( This often there add plasticizer and other additives) 。 Thermosetting plastic usually contains filling and opaque material, such as excluding packing is transparent. Elastomer with rubber handle, have certain strain rate.

plastic tray plastic heating identify
the above three kinds of heating characteristics of the plastic is also each are not identical, can be identified by the method of heating. Thermoplastics are heated bate, easy to melt, and melt to become more transparent, often can lift from the melt, usually easy to heat sealing. Thermosetting plastic heated to materials chemistry decomposition before, keep its original not soften hardness, size, the more stable to decomposition temperature carbonization. When heated, elastomer until the chemical decomposition temperature, the flow does not occur, and decomposition temperature decomposition carbonized materials.
common thermoplastics soften or melt temperature range shown in table
plastic varieties to soften or melt range / ° c plastic varieties soften or melt/oc

poly vinyl acetate 35 ~ 85 poly methylene oxide 165 ~ 185

polystyrene 70 ~ 115 pp 160-170

PVC nylon 12 75 ~ 90, 170-180


density 0. 92 / cm3 110 nylon 11 180 ~ 190

density 0. 94 / cm3 120 polytrifluorochloroethylene 200 ~ 220

density 0. About 130 nylon 96 / cm3 610 210-220

- 1 - Butene nylon 6 125 ~ 135, 215 ~ 225

polyvinylidene chloride (115 ~ 140 Softening) Polycarbonate 220 ~ 230

organic glass poly - 126 ~ 160 4 - Methylpentene - 1 240

cellulose acetate 125 ~ 175, nylon 66, 250-260

polyacrylonitrile (130 ~ 150 Softening) Polyethylene terephthalate. 250 ~ 260
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