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The purpose of the logistics management

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
The purpose of logistics management in the implementation of logistics management is to be at the lowest possible total cost is achieved under the condition of the customer service levels, namely, seeking service advantage and cost advantage of a dynamic balance, and thus create enterprise strategic advantage in the competition. According to this goal, logistics management to solve the basic problem, in a nutshell, is the right product at the right quantity and right price at the right time and right place to provide to the customer.
logistics management emphasize using system method to solve the problem. Modern logistics is often considered by transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, circulation processing, distribution and information of the link. Each link that has its own features, benefits and concepts. System approach is the use of modern management methods and modern technology, make each link to share general information, all the links as an integrated system for organization and management, so that the system can under the condition of the lowest possible total cost, provide a competitive advantage of customer service. System method that the benefits are not simple addition of each link of local benefits. System approach means that, for a certain aspects of the problems, to analyze the influence of all factors and evaluation. Starting from this idea, the logistics system is not simply the pursuit of their lowest cost on each link, because the benefit of logistics each link exists between the tendency of mutual influence and mutual restriction, there is a delicate relationship between alternately. Over-emphasized packaging material saving, for example, might be due to its easy broken up the cost of transportation and loading and unloading. System method, therefore, emphasize to analyze the total cost, cost and avoid the second best effect and weigh the application of the analysis, in order to achieve the lowest total cost, at the same time satisfy the purpose of the established level of customer service.
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