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The quality of the turnover box is a professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
With the continuous development and progress of the logistics industry, the popularity of plastic packaging products is increasing. Considering the development prospects of turnover boxes from the perspective of direct users is Qusheng plastic box's unique corporate thinking mode. Choosing to buy a turnover box as a packaging container, in addition to price and service, I believe that the quality of the turnover box is also one of the issues that people care about. At the current stage of the turnover box market, the quality of products is strengthened with the continuous progress of technology. In general, turnover The quality of the box includes the following aspects: ⑴ the stability and conformity of the product size, the surface finish of the product, the utilization rate of the product material and so on. (2) On the premise of ensuring the quality of the turnover box, the service life of the turnover box; (3) In the case of reasonable use of the turnover box, it is necessary to ensure that the product will not be damaged under normal load-bearing conditions; then, how to ensure the specific implementation of the above three points? Qusheng Plastic Box Plastic Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.’s specific approach is: ⑴From the mold development stage: We select high-quality mold manufacturers, and have formed a good cooperative understanding through years of cooperation experience. Mold development pursues excellence through the drawings or drawings proposed by customers. Text requirements, use high-performance drawing software for detailed structure, technical engineers are responsible for the entire project. And submit the client's acknowledgement. (2) Regarding the use period, to ensure that the supply channels of raw materials are regular and stable, each batch of raw material purchases requires the raw material supplier to provide corresponding third-party inspection reports and physical and chemical performance inspection reports. Ensure stable and traceable quality at the source. (3) Regarding load-bearing, it is necessary to maintain a good connection with customers. The sales staff must reach an agreement with the customer during the product introduction to ensure that the turnover box avoids overloading as much as possible in the subsequent use process, so as to increase the use efficiency. Meet customer expectations. This is the corporate attitude of Qusheng plastic box. Don't ask for much, strive to strengthen. Qusheng people hope that through their own hard work and unremitting struggle, they can gain recognition from the bottom of their customers' hearts.
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