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The rainy season in June, how to choose appropriate plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7。 8 pounds Normal0 in late June, the national common into the rainy season. Storms, heavy rain, landslides, and so on natural disasters occurred frequently. Domestic drainage system we all know, in this weather enterprise warehouse management is faced with larger pressure.
water lead to many enterprises in order to protect the goods be affected with damp be affected with damp or warehouse product was soaked, assault purchasing some linyi Qusheng plastic tray for a rainy day.
https://www。 cnpalletbox。 Com/is located in linyi city of shandong province country-specific ones area beicheng district tea mountain road north, 400 - sales calls 6966 - 568, please customers to so and so, if necessary please contact us in time.
the following us about how to choose appropriate rainy season plastic tray.

if the product weight is lighter, can choose Qusheng nine feet grid Plastic collapsible crateplastic brand, only used for moisture and light cycle, using more general corrugated paper packaging plant and puffed food industry.
if the product weight is bigger, Qusheng plastic sales director angiotesin remind you that using double grid plastic tray, and if the warehouse is low-lying terrain, Suggestions are prepared ahead of flood control of sand or walls.
if you are using other sichuan words grid built-in steel tray, tray itself needs to be waterproof, built-in steel will rust under the influence of water, time grew to outflow yellow rust water, cause secondary pollution to product, so if the figure is built-in steel plate on the outside and, please be sure to do waterproof processing, appropriate occluder.
the rain may not only have an effect on the plastic tray, water may make some people thinking, such as hard every time we published articles, and then there's a certain thinking peer verbatim copying of the past, for this kind of person, Qusheng plastic suggest we buy a funky Qusheng Plastic collapsible crateyour water head.
well about how to cope with the rainy season of the plastic tray selection, we will simply say these, hope each enterprise is expected to deal with in advance, to avoid the loss caused by the rain.
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