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The reason for the color difference of the plastic turnover box? Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
Generally speaking, the standard colors of plastic crates are blue and gray. When customers purchase plastic turnover boxes, they often encounter the situation that the product color is inconsistent with the required color, which is the so-called color difference. The chromatic aberration problem is not limited to the plastic crates industry. In fact, the chromatic aberration problem has always been a common and difficult problem in all walks of life. Cost waste caused by chromatic aberration abounds. Is there really no good solution to avoid this status quo? As a well-known plastics company in Suzhou area, Qusheng plastic box plastic electrical appliance Co., Ltd., after years of rich experience in the production of plastic boxes, summed up a set of simple color difference solutions, which largely solved the color difference problem of plastic boxes and satisfies the large Some customers have strict requirements for color difference. How can we manage the chromatic aberration problem? Let me share our experience with you. To sum up, there are a total of 12 words 'more communication, more comparisons, first sample signing, larger products'. First of all, the business personnel communicate with the customer and compare the colors, and if necessary, take samples from the customers and send them to the production department for processing. Color sample research. The research conclusion of the production department must be implemented in the specific color number of the international color card and recorded in the form of text. Then, the production department will make swatches based on the color number for the customer to reconfirm, and the relevant formula and data of the swatch production must also be recorded in text form. Then, mass production is carried out based on the color number of the sample signed by the customer. Although such control seems foolproof, we will do more to be safe. For example, while making color plates, we will set some limit samples to ensure that the color difference of the product can be in a controllable range. We will set an upper limit and a lower limit. If the color samples in the controllable range can be recognized by customers, subsequent production will naturally be much smoother, which also solves some unnecessary troubles. Don't do things outside the scope of your ability, and try to keep the problems at the front end. This is the commitment of Qusheng Plastic Box Plastic Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.'s production department research group, and it is also the basis for them to be recognized by customers. In short, as long as we put the needs of our customers in mind, serve attentively, and implement the above links, the color difference of the turnover box will no longer be a problem. Qusheng Plastic's main products: turnover boxes, plastic turnover boxes, logistics turnover boxes, parts boxes, parts boxes, folding boxes, anti-static turnover boxes, logistics boxes, plastic pallets, folding baskets, nesting boxes, high temperature resistant turnover boxes, etc.
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