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The replacement cycle and daily maintenance of the plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Now plastic pallet from the rapid development of logistics industry to many industry applications, the bulk purchase use tray, is bound to face a problem: the use of plastic tray cycle.
because of using the environment is different, the service life of the ordinary Plastic collapsible cratefor 5 years or so commonly, thickening the rear can achieve 8 - reinforced plastic tray The service life of 10 years.
plastic's own life is longer, if reasonable use, pay attention to the daily maintenance, plastic tray to prolong the service life of plastic tray, extended replacement tray replacement cycle.

daily use plastic tray:
1, the right to use plastic pallet packaging should be combined on the plastic pallet pattern, and with appropriate strapping and wrapping package. Facilitate the use of mechanical loading and unloading, and transportation, so as to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, transportation and storage.
2, light should be put the plastic tray, avoid uneven when landing, the damage occurred.
3, stacking when using, should consider the bottom bearing a tray.
4, put the goods, shall be placed on average, avoid lifting handling, CeWai.
5, the use of handling equipment, should consider whether poor goods size is suitable for the plastic tray to use, avoid bad plastic pallet size differences when hang on.
6, on shelves, necessary use shelf type plastic tray, bearing capacity according to shelf structure, it is strictly prohibited to overload use. Fork thorn shall not impact the tray side so as not to cause the pallet broken, cracks. Goods placed on average, don't focus stacking, eccentric pile up. Reasonable goods stacked in the tray.
7, the goods are strictly prohibited from high toss in plastic tray. Bearing the weight of the pallet should be placed on smooth ground or objects on the surface.
8, when the car is my homework or manual hydraulic forklift, fork fork to tray hole lateral on foot as far as possible, fork shall all be into trays, smooth lift the tray after the Angle of transformation.
9, it is strictly prohibited to throw plastic tray from a height, avoid tray breakage, cracks caused by hard hit. Idle plastic tray stacked maintenance

1, the plastic tray sit idle, if discover the tray surface dirt and chemical chemicals, should use clean water to rinse dry static.
2, Plastic collapsible crateshould avoid sun exposure, lest cause ageing, shorten service life. Such as sit idle for a long time, please use the sunshade cloth or ponchos cover.
3, plastic tray in use after a period of time, possible damage caused by a variety of reasons, should be timely maintenance, to keep its service life.
( 1) For can be a combination of tray should be timely replacement of damaged parts, such as the tray panel, steel pipes etc.
( 2) For the whole tray should be replaced in a timely manner. Now many plastic pallet manufacturers have promised three bad tray in a new tray.
in v. plastic tray when use pay attention to avoid sun exposure, avoid sharp objects and its bearing surface contact, pay attention to the storage environment when idle.

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