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The research object, target and features of logistics engineering

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
A) Object:
the research object of logistics engineering discipline is a multi-objective decision-making and complex dynamic logistics system, mainly from the perspective of engineering studies the system design and implementation of the above.
( 2) Goal: the goal of logistics engineering discipline overview: using engineering theories, methods and tools, according to the basic requirement of the logistics system, analyze the complex logistics system, the design and implementation, in order to improve the level of logistics technology, better service to the human society.
( 3) Features: logistics engineering discipline with natural science and social science characteristic of overlapping edge discipline. Logistics engineering discipline research method, not only to use commonly used in the natural sciences scientific logic reasoning and logic calculation, at the same time, also often use for system modeling, simulation and analysis method. Research often adopts the quantitative calculation and qualitative analysis with the combination of comprehensive research methods.
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