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The role of logistics management

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
Why logistics management related to enterprise competitiveness to see a set of data: ( 1) Logistics costs accounted for 36% of the total cost of the production cost is only 13%; ( 2) Logistics time is 84%, the processing time is only 12%; ( 3) The capital turnover is only 1. 9%; ( 4) Logistics costs as a percentage of GDP 18 in the whole society. Fell to 15% 1%, if the logistics costs, we can save more than $9000 a year, equivalent to three of chengdu's GDP ( According to 2008 data)
to see the influence of logistics management for capital turnover: capital turnover = annual sales/( Fixed assets inventory cost +) The smaller, inventory cost, the greater the capital turnover, our capital turnover ratio is 1. 9 times, haier is 15 times ( Money was quite like $3 trillion to $45 trillion) Manufacturing for 15 -, Japan Circulation industry for 20-18 times, the United States Thirty times.
the logistics management can achieve the goal of supply chain can cost up to 29% of the operating costs of Chinese enterprises. And through the logistics management and supply chain optimization, can achieve the following goals: ( 1) Raw material procurement cost will be reduced by 7% ~ 11%; ( 2) The entire supply chain inventory will decline 15% ~ 30%; ( 3) Transportation costs will decline by 3% ~ 15%; ( 4) Operation of the whole supply chain cost will decline 15% ~ 25%;
classic example of haier logistics management group to set up a stripping logistics assets, haier logistics innovation since 1999 a set of modern logistics management mode, the construction of the modern three-dimensional warehouse automation, constructed the logistics, business flow, cash flow and information flow of supply chain management system, make dull material is reduced 73. 50%, 8%, the warehouse to reduce inventory capital to reduce 67%.
million museum consulting company's triumph in jin xin logistics, will belong to the original material group, sichuan province coal group, the jiangsu huaxi group, four provincial companies such as commercial group's logistics information ( Production) Source in joint-stock way provincial logistics integration into the restructuring and reorganization of large state-owned enterprises, through the logistics management and supply chain optimization, greatly improve the jin xin logistics economic benefit and social benefit.
logistics management core competitiveness fact and practice have proved that, due to the logistics can greatly reduce the total cost of the enterprise, accelerate the capital turnover of enterprises, reduce inventory, to promote higher margins, to bring significant economic benefits to the enterprise, is generally called logistics international 'final frontier' to reduce costs, reduce raw material consumption, improve labor productivity after the 'third profit source', is the largest profit in the whole enterprise. Therefore, enterprises of all countries pay more and more attention to logistics, the logistics management of enterprises gradually as a new strategic perspective, into a new starting point of modern enterprise management strategy, by making all kinds of logistics strategy, logistics from the huge profit space to find a way out, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises.
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