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The role of the plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Definition of tray: due to the container, storage, handling and transportation of place as a unit load of goods and products level platform device. Tray is a kind of important equipment, is to adapt to the loading and unloading mechanization in the field of logistics and developed a kind of container equipment, common use of the forklift and pallet, forming an effective handling system is greatly promoted the development of the loading and unloading activities, with the loading and unloading machinery level increased significantly, allows for a long time in the transportation process of loading and unloading bottleneck to solve or improve, the appearance of the tray also effectively promote the improvement of the whole logistics process. The emergence of tray have contributed to the container and the formation and development of other container, pallet now especially with the advantages of simple, convenient in the field of container, pallet has become an important way of container and container, both formed the container two pillars of the system. The characteristics of the tray pallet and container is in many ways complementary advantages and disadvantages, so often can use tray is difficult to use a container, hard work done by the container. Tray has the following several characteristics: 1, the weight is small, and therefore used for loading and unloading, and transportation pallet consumed by labor itself is lesser, invalid, transport and loading and unloading is smaller than container. 2, easy to return empty, return empty takes up little capacity: due to the pallet cost is not high, and it is easy to substitute each other, with each other tray cover, so no like container shall be fixed belonger, return empty container 3 more easily than, plate easy: don't need to be like a container into the chamber, the plate can be used after the strapping, tight package, such as technical processing, use convenient. 4, loading capacity limited: lesser container loading capacity is small, but also can focus on a certain number, is much bigger than the combination of the general packaging quantity 5, poor protection: protective worse than container, difficulties in open air, need to have a warehouse and other supporting facilities. Pallet packaging has been used in international trade for many years, is regarded as one of high economic benefit transportation packaging method, he can not only simplify the packaging, reduce cost, make the packaging reliability, reduce the loss, and easy to mechanization, save manpower, realize the top pallet, make full use of space
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