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The safety of the plastic tray used in forklift truck operation procedures ( A)

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
The safety of the Plastic collapsible crateused in forklift truck operation procedures ( A)

is the essential models for forklift, today we're going to say to you about plastic pallet used some safety operating rules about forklift:

1 be valid driving license and driver training before driving. On the highway driving forklift need at least a class B driver's license. The workspace forklift operation, must have a driving license issued by the employer book in person. Drivers do not driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, this is the basic rule of safety operation. In addition, there is no suppliers or manufacturers of the license shall not be modified without authorization.

    2 before driving to check all the control and alarm device, such as found damaged or defective, should be in operation after the repair.

    , 3 should not exceed the specified value in the goods fork must insert all the following goods, and make the goods evenly on the pallet fork, are not allowed to use a single fork cargo operation.

    4 smooth starting, steering, driving, braking and stopping, in wet or smooth road, is required to slow down.

    5 ramp should be careful driving, in more than one over ten of the slopes, hill should drive forward, downhill driving should be back on, downhill, avoid is turned, the forklift driving, no loading and unloading operations.

    6 pack drive content should be lower as far as possible, the goods door after.

    Pedestrians should be paid attention to at 7, obstacles and potholes pavement, and pay attention to the gap at the top of the forklift.

    8 no man standing on the pallet fork, cars are not allowed to be manned.

    No man standing under the pallet fork or walk under the forklift truck.

    10 no manipulation from the outside of the driver's seat position vehicles and apparels.

    11 don't goods transportation, unsecured or loose stacking, careful handling large size of goods.

    12 for hoisting height is greater than 3 meters high hoisting car should pay attention to the above cargo, forklift pallet when necessary, must be to take protective measures.

    13 for high hoisting forklift work should try to make the door frame and handling operation should be done in minimum range before and after.

    14 on the dock or temporary planking, should be carefully, slowly moving.

    15 when refueling, the driver don't in the car, and make the engine flameout, when check the battery or tank of liquid level, do not fire.

    16 out of the car, the goods fork down, and the gear lever in the neutral position, the engine off and disconnect the power supply; When parking ramp, pull the parking brake is good, must be used when parking is longer than the mat mat live wheels.

    17 steering, should follow the traffic rules, and open a turn,

& emsp;   18 it is strictly prohibited without driving and neutral slip.

    19 it is strictly prohibited to clutch under a state of half a clutch operating forklift.

    20 periodically check the oil, water leakage, deformation, loose, etc. , ignore the inspection will shorten the vehicle life, in severe cases will lead to accidents.

    Do not use fire check fuel oil level, or cooling water and electrolyte leakage.

    22 forklift runtime do not up and down, up, down when forklift please use forklift safety pedal and armrest.

    23 don't traction abnormal engine fault, steering system and brake system damaged vehicles.
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