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The small box is of great use, you don’t know the HP plastic box Honda car special box plastic turnover box professional manufacturer

by:Qusheng     2021-03-06
HP plastic box, Qusheng is a standard logistics box developed, designed and popularized for Honda Motor Company. It is designed, developed and manufactured with new and excellent high-resistance modified PP raw materials. The current main size is from 365*275*110mm to 730*365* There are 16 specifications of 210mm, the weight of a single box is 30-35kg, and the stacking load is 150-175kg, which are specially designed and developed for Honda auto parts. Due to the high requirements for appearance and quality of auto parts, the bottom and surroundings of this HP material box are designed with dense ribs, which play a very good protective effect on the handling and storage of auto parts. The product was damaged and damaged during the circulation process, which is a very good product. Moreover, the HP plastic box is also due to the heavy weight of the auto parts. The large handle is specially designed according to the ergonomics, which is very easy to carry. Moreover, the Qusheng plastic box plastic can also be equipped with a dust cover or a waterproof Dust curtain design avoids pollution of auto parts during transportation. HP plastic box, special plastic box for Honda automobile spare parts, thickened box body, reinforced rib design, strong bearing capacity, easy to carry, is the cooperative box type of Honda automobile.
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