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The specifications of the plastic tray of ratio and excellent performance

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
Plastic tray, we in the process of use, will find its specifications will be different, but its specifications is relatively concentrated, mainly mm1000mm mm1100mm 1100 and 1200, these specifications about accounted for 50% of the entire tray. These specifications of the different, is due to the production of injection mold is used, and the mold development costs are higher than other. However, the specifications of the wooden tray relative to plastic pallet, more chaos, mainly according to the unit using the current specifications, the specifications of the products to their own custom, this related to the wooden pallet manufacturing process is relatively simple. Of the specifications of the steel pallet is not a lot, concentrated in two to three specifications, mainly used for the pallet load weight requirements higher ports etc. The advantages of plastic pallet as follows: 1. All pluggable, easy to operate; 2. Is suitable for stacking to each other in the warehouse, and is suitable for use in all kinds of shelves; 3. Suitable for all kinds of trucks, convenient unitized, unitized transport of materials; 4. Convenient transport tools such as forklifts, hydraulic pallet truck operation; 5. Cooperate with antiskid rubber, ensure material in the process of handling and transportation will not slip; 6. Long service life, and to follow bad to use; 7. The use of safe, health, insect-resistant moth-proofing, do not need to repair.
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