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The Spring Festival Transport Tickets are sold and the labor force is migrating. Qusheng Plastic Turnover Box will spend the next 60 days like this

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
Home, working away from home, people can't let go of worry. The Spring Festival travels, the homesickness that cannot be avoided without the family. Even today, with the development of science and technology and the transportation industry, the Spring Festival travel and returning home are still topics that cannot be avoided without the family. As a plastic container manufacturer, dozens of How should the plastic box maker who is away from home spend the next 60 days of Spring Festival and Spring Festival? At the end of the year, a time full of joy, laughter and expectation. After more than 300 days and nights of hard work, the New Year’s Spring Festival is finally here, and in another 30 days it will be the New Year’s Spring Festival. People who have been away from home have worked for a year, and finally they can go home and reunite with their families again, but the workshops, factories, and offices where people have been working for a year gradually calm down as people leave, the roar of machines is less, and the noise of the past It's less, but even if demand is still there, production still has to continue. Qusheng turnover box manufacturers, in the grand labor migration such as the Spring Festival, although the population is thin and insignificant, the migration of plastic box producers has an insignificant effect on the development and operation of Qusheng plastic box. For Qusheng, the job assignment of dedicated personnel and special posts, and the departure of any plastic crates producer is not a small change for Qusheng. For this reason, Qusheng boxes have made some changes in the face of the migration of producers in the next 60 days. Dedicated staff and posts remain unchanged while cultivating the diversity of the producer’s labor force, so that each employee can master the production of other plastic turnover boxes as much as possible, so as to ensure that it can still operate completely even when labor is lacking during the Spring Festival. , To meet customer order requirements. The above is the 60-day plan of Qusheng turnover box during the Spring Festival. For more information about plastic crates, please follow Qusheng plastic box Qusheng plastic technology related information or call for consultation. Please see the left for consultation methods.
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