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The standardization of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Plastic pallet is just a platform, set packing load, in order to realize the rapid flow of goods, need to the corresponding equipment, handling, cargo trays. Forklift truck using the accumulation of cargo handling, smooth, efficient, avoid rough handling and reduce the cost of the entire human operation. Tray packing of the goods, to support the highway, railway, civil aviation, ports, can improve the efficiency of packing tray using ground and space, reduce transportation costs.
plastic pallet standardization is the necessary condition to improve efficiency and logistics operation effect. Size and pallet racking, transport vehicles and container specification restricts their mutual coordination of the relationship between the specifications of the scale, at a reasonable transportation system tray packaging. Shelves and transport vehicles, there is no relationship between the size of the corresponding directly, but it and Plastic collapsible cratehave corresponding requirements. Therefore, the plastic tray is the standardization of logistics facilities designated by the other factors should be considered first.

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