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The status of plastic pallets in the warehouse and retail

by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
Since the ninety s after a chain marketing, won the rapid development of our country's retail trade. In less than 20 years, the scale of chain marketing advantage makes marketing method to develop the whole retail industry, include medicine, books, furniture, etc. On the marketing model, have been expanded to a variety of retail chain marketing mode: department stores, specialty stores, warehouse stores, etc. Chain marketing industry has become the most representative in Chinese marketing industry change, its development for our country's marketing industry is not only the breakthrough and challenge the traditional marketing way. Chain marketing business link system as the core, with a wide range of store network as a market, to the central purchasing system, greatly reduced the purchase price of a commodity, development profits when to sell; With multi-function, intensive distribution center, compressed to inventory goods, expanding profit of logistics; To directly permeates processing manufacturing market information, develop customized products, expand production profits. It is a third-rate highly concentrated, restrict each other, complement each other the best model.
according to the investigation of the China association of chain marketing for years: after less than 20 years of development, our country marketing industry slowly down the path of scale expansion, the chain of marketing in China has risen from high-speed growth into the new phase of sustained steadily. China chain marketing association recently released 2010 annual industry development situation investigation shows, chain sales model to reach the top 1 in 2010. 66 trillion yuan, rose in the 21st. Total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 higher than that of 2% growth. 8%. Total number of 150000 enterprises of stores rose 9. 8%. Enterprises of generates 11% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, flat with the previous year.
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