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The surface of the plastic tray to use inferior materials

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
widely used at present, all kinds of logistics companies and warehousing enterprises also have demand for plastic tray is very helpful. Because there are better than wooden tray plastic tray structure reliability, thus can reduce the loss of the tray. Due to the long service life, under normal circumstances can use 3 - 7 years without maintenance. If you use the wooden pallet meat, fish or some simple food or toxic chemicals, should be destroyed after use wooden pallet. Plastic pallet as long as clean or disinfect water can be reused. Material tray more use than wooden pallets.
plastic pallet display is adapt the time request. to reduce the damage to the forest for many applications. They are also the inevitable outcome of the development of modern logistics industry in China. Concept of groceries is increasing as the reinforcement and the pharmaceutical industry the health requirements of growing, plastic tray is used to prevent the corrosion resistance of the insect damp moths in the food industry after the beloved, and the pursuit of mold and other features. In addition, the plastic pallet high carrying capacity, long service life. is widely used in chemical textile manufacturing.
however, many customers may have found that Plastic collapsible cratevarious smell. The smell of the plastic tray to a great extent, related to its raw materials, although it can have positive effects during processing. But there are cheap plastic tray, smell is more or less. The main source of the odor is its material.
, deputy director of the China association of plastic plastic recycling committee pointed out that the important cause of Plastic collapsible crateodor has two:
in the first place, some unscrupulous manufacturers add plastic on plastic tray, poor quality, not clean and impurities. They are not consciously accepted plastic. Add these materials will increase the smell of the plastic tray.

the second plastic industrial raw materials mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This chemical has its own carcinogenic and masculine scent. When the temperature is high, can quickly decompose, releasing hydrogen chloride gas into people's eyes and respiratory mucosa. Have a serious effect, can cause headache, nausea, skin allergy, etc.

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However, with the increased prevalence of wholesale plastic pallet, it has become far more affordable.
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